Providing warmth and comfort on the journey to wellness

Jackets by Well Wear

We create infusion jackets that provide patients with comfort and help caregivers with easy access to important infusion sites.

•  100% Polyester Fleece, Machine Wash, Tumble Dry
•  “Port Hole” Pockets To Access Chemotherapy Ports
•  Snap Tape Openings Along The Length Of The Arms
•  Soft, Relaxed Fit For Comfort And Room For Movement
•  Full-zip Front Closure, Funnel Neck For Extra Warmth
•  Elastic Cuffs,Unisex, Falls Below Hip


“I would always have a jacket on with one arm out for access to the vein in my arm. As I struggled with keeping my jacket in place, I watched other patients arranging their blankets and jackets around the IV’s in their arms and chemotherapy ports. It was then that my idea was born…”

Nicholas Lotts, Co-Founder, WellWear Jackets