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Well Wear is a family owned company and was founded after years of undergoing phlebotomies as treatment for “Hemochromatosis.”

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Well Wear


Well Wear was founded after years of undergoing phlebotomies as treatment for “Hemochromatosis.”  The infusion center is cold and the medicine/fluids are cold too!  I would always have a jacket on with one arm out for access to the vein in my arm.  As I struggled with keeping my jacket in place, I watched other patients arranging their blankets and jackets around the IV’s in their arms and chemotherapy ports.  It was then that my idea was born… Warm fleece jackets with the necessary openings to access the veins in a patient’s arms as well as chemotherapy ports.  In 2018, my wife Tanya, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  She endured multiple surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. This business has now become even more personal to me and my family.   -Nick Lotts




Well Wear donates $1 of every sale to the fight against cancer


Well Wear Jackets Donation Program:

We have included our two children (Hayes and Presley) in building this business as we know that illnesses such as Cancer effect the whole family.

Together they came up with the idea to offer donated jackets to children who’s treatment includes Infusion Therapy.


This gift program is one of our top commitments in raising our children to understand, care and offer a valuable contribution to the fight against childhood illnesses.

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